Recipe: chickpeas from the bag

chickpeas, with lemon

dried chickpeas, cooked to order

This is hardly a recipe and more an intimidation shield.

When I hear people talking about making things from scratch, I tend to shrink a little, even though I’ve been messing around with food for years and years.

It just always sounds as though you could never make all these homemade treats and have a job and a life or a boyfriend or dog or hobbies or not spend all your time rushing to multiple vegan specialty stores with all the weird leaflets and having to ask the woman with all the hair, “Where is the Nayonaise and, also, please the gelatin-free marshmallows; thank you?”

So, I hope my former discomfort can be of some use here. Because I now make all my beans “from scratch.” Meaning I buy a huge bag of them for $0.89 for a much more outrageously delicious end result. win-win-win.

Chickpeas from the bag:

  • I use about half the bag at a time, having learned along the way that foods without preservatives don’t last nine weeks in my refrigerator while I try to remember to eat them.
  • Further, I buy the bags on sale, to save a nickel.

Night one:

  • Before bed, pour half the dried chickpeas into a bowl, with two bay leaves, scattering of salt and pepper and enough water to cover fully, as the chickpeas will enlarge as they absorb the water.
  • Leave overnight.

After work, the following day: 

  • Heat large pot of water to boiling.
  • Once boiling, add chickpeas with sliced lemon, another scattering of salt and pepper and bay leaves from previous night’s soaking.
  • Lower heat slightly (to medium-high heat) and cook for an hour.
  • Remove lemons and bay leaf.
  • Chickpeas are good for three to four days.

I eat this as an accompaniment to my lunch hummus wrap, everyday, like clockwork. They taste buttery when cooked this way. Delicious.


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