Recipe: spinach marinara bowl?

After two weird weeks in my life, I went out for a bit tonight and got home later than normal, starving. This is after Adam inquired of my dinner plans and I looked blankly at the bottle of wine I brought home. I was then told I should eat something that required a pot or pan. . .

I had plenty of food from which to choose, but none already prepared (except for my lunch tomorrow, that I couldn’t bear to break into, after all the anal retentive portioning,labeling,obsessing…)

So, I threw together a . . . spinach marinara bowl?

In pan with a cup of boiling water from the giant vat of cooking chickpeas:

  • leftover zucchini slice
  • leftover mushrooms
  • five huge stalks of asparagus
  • quarter of red bell pepper
  • salt and pepper, Italian seasoning, hot sauce dash at the very end

In a bowl:

  • just enough spinach to cover the bottom
  • three big spoonfuls of warmed marinara, enough to coat the spinach
  • top with cooked vegetables and a handful of toasted almonds I had lying around

10 minutes. Dinner. BAM. Take that, “cooked dinner.”

leftovers, dinner, vegan

spinach marinara leftovers quick dinner not wine that requires cooking


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