Random epiphany: vegan pot pie

I think all my epiphanies happen as I’m walking in through the back door, with food from the farmers’ market and understanding something, all of a sudden.

And, while I enjoyed my dinner last night of cumin black beans and bell peppers on a romaine vessel, I think it was more a craving for salsa.



And walking in today with farmers’ market wares, I realized I have been eating air lately.

Not enough. Pot pie.

I want pot pie. I want vegan pot pie and I want it to be delicious. Tonight.

I had leftover pie crust from the apple pie pops from Sunday, but I was worried about the embedded apples. . . I’m really afraid of sweet and savory when I’m really hungry.

The recipe I used was super off-the-cuff, but to the best of my memory:

  • Saute with whole garlic clove, six mushroom caps and five asparagus stalks in vegetable broth until lightly browned.
  • Deglaze with wine. (I guess we’re having wine tonight.)
  • Add TBS coarse grain mustard, TBS nutritional yeast and tea flour.
  • Thin to potpie like consistency with broth and reduce several handfuls of spinach in the mixture.

At the final moment, I had a pea epiphany! PEAS!

  • I added seared mustarded tofu to the mixture, but got paranoid that might tip off future omnivores that it was vegan. Adam disagreed, but something to consider on another day.
  • Add finely diced cherry tomatoes, basil and garlic to apple crust and roll out. Cut into circles with ramekin circles.
  • Pack into sprayed ramekins.

Top. Bake 400. 25 minutes. I checked on them at 20 minutes, 22 minutes, 25 minutes and bet they could go a full 30 for even more bubbly goodness.

pot pie epiphany!

pot pie epiphany!

Adam said: “These are GOOD. But. . . not like VEGAN good.”

Enjoy your own epiphany and listen : )


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