Recipe: First Fig Foray

Thanks to my dear friend, Martha Stewart, I had my first fig today.

fig bite & balsamic fig salad

fig bite & balsamic fig salad

Then, I had about 10 more, two ways. Delicious.

Everytime I try a delicious food I’ve never tried before, I wonder why I waited so long.

There’s something wonderful in the seeds, I think? Something tastes bright and honey-like in there.

Whatever it is, I’m into it. We’re friends. Two ways.

trimmed figs

trimmed figs

I trimmed the knubby edges and heated a TBS of water and splash of lemon until smoking and almost bubbling, then placed fig, face down, two minutes, other side, two minutes.

1. Fig basil bite

Cooked fig on a basil leaf, splash of lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and a pepper grinder turn

2. Fig salad

Arugula, spinach and julienned basil, cooked figs, splash of balsamic vinegar and lemon and s&p

It was spicy and bright and perfect for the light dinner I was craving, after a very late lunch.

And I’m adding figs to my weekly grocery list,as long as they are in season!


good days, good night

good days, good night

My favorite wine was also on sale today. (So, I bought two bottles. Hopefully, one of them will make it until the weekend.

If I still had my Magic 8 Ball from middle school, it would tell me OUTLOOK DOES NOT LOOK GOOD.)

It was a good day : )


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