Recipe: LUNCH

The best thing I’ve discovered from fully committing to a full-time vegan diet (I began by “dabbling.” Then, I was a “part-time vegan.” Now, I’m a “full-time, company car having vegan vegan vegan.”) is that I can eat constantly.

It’s my dream, really.

I love food. I love cooking. I love walking the rows of the farmers’ market. It’s the only place I find myself unintentionally smiling at strangers, without knowing why. I sniff while wandering through the fruits and ask people I don’t know what they’re holding and what to do with that. I look at everyones’ name tag and the languages they speak beside English. It is my magical place.

I won’t go into what brought me here just yet, but eating something I thought about, created in my mind, shopped for, reconsidered and, finally, made and tasted seems to actually spur additional creative thoughts. . .

romaine falafel sandwich

romaine falafel sandwich

Lunch today:

  • leftover falafel and lemony tahini sauce
  • romaine leaves as sandwich
  • raw bell pepper
  • 3 cilantro leaves, chopped, including stems (a tip I learned from a cookbook, somewhere)
  • a delicious and gigantic pickle

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