Recipe: zucchini lasagna

Delicious and I think this singular dish got me my personal chef job. : )

Enjoy and impress!

zucchini lasagna

zucchini lasagna

Zucchini lasagna

Spray a muffin tin. Line each cup with zucchini slices, including the bottom.

Sprinkle enough spinach to fill each hole without packing.

400, 10 minutes.

The spinach will be deflated. Smash spinach into the bottom of each cup and fill remaining space with tofu ricotta.

400, 20 minutes or until tofu ricotta is browning.

Serve with a dollop of marinara and perhaps a basil sprig, on a white plate, if possible.

I love silly colorful plates, but that’s because I already love food, with an opened mind.

Some people need to see your dish’s unadorned beauty. So, make it! : )



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