Recipe: vegetable tofu scramble

Because I work some on the weekends, I get a random day off during the week and, though I frown while I’m slithering out of bed on Sundays, this unexpected free day on Wednesday feels like such a treat!

And what’s a better treat than a leisurely run at 10 a.m., followed by a hot breakfast with coffee. In a real mug, not the grab and go kind. And sliced bananas. On a plate! You get it. : )

This morning, I had a vegetable tofu scramble with the sad remnants of my empty fridge (It’s farmers’ market day!) and a sliced banana with cinnamon.

1/4 block of tofu, crumbled
1/4 red bell pepper, chopped
Chopped green onion
Handful of sprouts
Dash of turmeric, for orange color
Several dashes hot sauce
Salt and pepper

Heat tofu in pan until it begins to stick together.
Add green onion, turmeric and hot sauce.
After incorporated, turn off heat and add bell pepper. (I just read that bell pepper loses a lot of its nutritional value after being heated, so I’m trying to remember to eat it raw more often. And raw bell pepper is delicious!)
I served over a bed of sprouts because it was the only vegetable I had left!
–furiously making farmers market list–

Enjoy the random days off!



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