Horrified of a last minute Christmas shopping trip for _____ for _______ ?

I went to the Edgewood Shopping Center at 8:30 this morning and heard horns honking before I got out of the car. 

There is nothing like a major retail holiday to drive otherwise normal people to unabashedly snarling at strangers over who best used their blinker. I like to stock up on toilet paper and coffee by Thanksgiving and try to avoid humans until New Year’s.

But, inevitably, I’ve forgotten the mail man or the co-worker or the neighbor who will check to make sure the back door is locked when I forget to take my medicine : ) And, I’m at Target on Christmas Eve, in the jelly aisle, wondering why they don’t *$#!*#$% carry any gourmet brands.

So, for you, me fellow forgetter, I give you Vinthea Gift Certificates! What nicer way to acknowledge someone than hand-delivered meals, snacks and sweets? Choose one dinner, snack or dessert or any combination! Email me for any additional details! I’ll send an acknowledgment of your gift on pretty, printed paper before Christmas.









I’m happy to help! Don’t venture out when you can order in! : )


Healthy. Organic. Simple. Delicious.


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