Hold the Butter: Healthier Holiday Desserts- Guest Post

I’d like to thank NYC Fit Food and Fashion for the lovely guest blogging opportunity! Check it out at nycfitfoodfashion.com!

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Nyc Fit Food Fashion!

The holidays walk a very thin line of treating myself and over-indulging. I love the holidays; don’t get me wrong. I love the extra time with family, warm pajamas, big duvets and my holiday cider that makes my whole house smell like a big, delicious hug (recipe below). I love the the random gestures that overcome people during this time. People smile at each other at the grocery store. News stations cover wonderful gestures of kindness and graciousness. Dogs are adopted. Children are excited. And Christmas trees. Nothing smells better than a Christmas tree at night.

But, the holidays can get glutinous pretty quickly. Cookies, cake, delicious and beautiful treats are seemingly everywhere you go. I try to offset the indulgences that I do love with some healthier treats I can make myself and bring to holiday celebrations. Treating ourselves is a wonderful thing. Food is love and I am…

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