Holiday party!

On the menu:

buffalo seitan carrot bites with vegan ranch drizzle

special spinach dip

apple and nut butter arugula sandwiches with sriracha

cherry oatmeal cookies

corn muffins with cumin sour cream

spiked vegan eggnog

Christmas cider

2013 holiday party


It was so much fun! I love when all our friends come over after the delirium of the holidays. It’s relaxing to finally take your shoes off, put your hair up, make a fire, and have one of those parties in which you aren’t terrified all night that someone will let your dog out or spill a drink and cover it with a rug. These are people that love your dog and know it’s your favorite rug. They clean up their messes and kiss you good night. These are your friends.

Also, I made a Fireball mini bottle centerpiece and it was a joy to watch all my friends share with each other. I highly recommend this party trick : )

I hope y’all had a wonderful holiday season, as well.


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