Vegan alfredo! Whoa!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I’ve given up since going vegan.

Have I sacrificed anything? Are there things I miss?

Because I love food. Not more than I love animals, but food…

And I’ve had moments of struggle. Food is wired. When you’re hungry, “Is there butter in this?” seems less loud. Where is the line, when it comes to choices we have about food?

Food is strong with me. My memories are food smells.

Christmas: strong coffee (My dad makes his coffee too strong.), cinnamon, Christmas Eve lasagna, cookies while we watch The Lion in Winter. 

New Years: cheap champagne, chocolate, sour vinegar on greens and black eyed peas (in my top 10 of all time).

Spring: corn on the grill (Finally! REAL corn!!), fresh herbs, cut honeydew…

You get it. 🙂 If I were a dog, they’d call me food-motivated.

But, as much as I worry about missing something, the more I read and see all the alternate ways to create flavor profiles that don’t require animals… There are so many blogs to read, things to google, increasingly vegan friendly restaurants, menus, vegan athletes, vegan celebrities… Ring that little bell. Mainstream veganism is coming.

Enter today. Vegan alfredo. Craving the shit out of something decadent and rich, that could keep me company, while I watched football and willed myself to Monday.

Spiraled zucchini noodles

Spiraled zucchini noodles

IMG_4277 IMG_4279

When people seem so shocked by all they think you’ve given up, I am silently thinking of all the things I have tried and food I regularly enjoy that meat eaters may never try.

My favorite banh mi shop by my office has the most delicious tofu banh mi on the best bread with the crunchiest vegetables and spiciest jalapeño with a huge sprig of cilantro, but I wonder if meat eaters just order the pork  or chicken banh mi out of habit.

I have the benefit of being food adventurous and I grew up with a very open mom. We ate Caribbean food, Hispanic food (she spent a summer in Colombia), German food (one of her stepmothers 🙂 was German) and I was a regular member of her and her friends Friday sushi night. (I was in middle school. My mom brought a middle school aged kid to hang out with her friends. I didn’t realize my mom was the best mom ever until years later.)

But, I feel like my personal quest has become a life lived with both deliciousness and ethical well-being.

Information sources I love:

Oh She Glows

Happy Herbivore

One Green Planet

Vegan Richa

Martha Stewart 


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