Buffalo chickpeas

I only just discovered Frank’s Red Hot Sauce within the last year or two, but that, my friends, is a travesty.

I don’t know how I didn’t think of this earlier, but this recipe from One Green Planet was amazing.

I even put it on pizza, for a spicy and crunchy bite!

vegan, buffalo style, Frank's Red Hot, buffalo chickpeas, spicy snack

buffalo chickpea … pizza?

I modified the recipe slightly.

I’m now a Frank’s Red Hot Sauce purist, so I don’t add margarine.

Making hot sauce with butter reminds me of this babysitter I had as a kid.

She was my neighborhood friend’s older sister. I remember her having a really hip rat tail of which I was very, very jealous. But, she ate plain Lay’s potato chips (which I have always found disgusting), but would drag each one through my family’s huge plastic vat of Golden Crock margarine, like a dip.

Point being, I’ve never enjoyed the addition of butter or margarine. It just tastes sinful to me.

Today, I cooked dried chickpeas in the crock pot with lemon slices, salt and pepper for four hours on high.

I roasted said chickpeas (minus lemon) at 450 degrees for 25 minutes, doused in Frank’s.

Why not add them to my pizza?!?!

It was delicious and perfect and just for me. 🙂

Also pictured:

whole wheat pizza crust

marinara, for dipping

cashew cheese

broccoli, cashew cheese, vegan, buffalo chickpeas








Happy Whatever Combination You Like. 🙂



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