Buffalo hummus wrap with tahini

For a vegan who loves big, bold flavors and lots of spice, this was a next level lunch! And I was starving after a morning of rushing to get through all my boring chores to get to the fun ones — spray painting my lavender little girl desk and fixing up the coffee table!

vegan, Frank's Red Hot Sauce, buffalo hummus, YUM, tahini IMG_4480

Buffalo hummus wrap with lemony tahini:

15 oz. of chickpeas (or one can) – I cooked mine from dried for four hours on high in the crockpot with a sliced lemon and salt and pepper

2 TBS of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

Blend both in the food processor.

Wheat tortilla 

Chopped Broccoli

Dash of tahini


1 cup white sesame seeds

juice of 1 lemon

salt and pepper

1/2-3/4 cup water

Put seeds, lemon juice, salt and pepper in food processor and slowly add water and scrape the sides of your bowl, until you get the right consistency.

I am full and happy and ready to start painting!

Happy Saturday!


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