Roasting spaghetti squash 

I need to begin tonight’s post with a shout out to my mom. I’m so glad she exposed me to all kinds of food as a kid. I’m still an adventurous eater and I think most of that is because she was smart enough not to raise a chicken tender kind of kid.

So, spaghetti squash is nothing new to me, but I think I’ve upped my game with the addition of the smashed garlic clove tucked under each baking half.

Flipped those bad boys over before baking, to trap that awesome garlicness

Plus, you should smell my [expletive] house right now. It smells like I’m making a feast for the gods, but, really, all this is for little old me. 🙂

Happy gratitude for showing me that deliciousness is everywhere! Thanks, Mom! 


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